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Product Name:3SM ( M-22L )

Product Code:M22L

Description :

Low Profile Weighing Indicator ( Product for 3sm Singapore )

Suitable for Bench Scale , Floor Scale , Platform Scale for industrial market and etc.

Feature :

1/30,000 display resolution weighing indicator

Large LCD (20mm) display with backlit

Auto calibration and easy to operate

Animal hold function and auto hold function

Automatically overload alarm to protect the scale when overload ( warning alarm )

Technical Specifications :

  Model  M-22L
 Capacity  Selectable
 Readability  Selectable
 resolution ( display counts )  Up to 1/30,000
 Number of loadcells  Up to 4 x 350ohm loadcells 





General Specifications 

 Excitation  5Vdc
 Sensitivity  0.15V/d
 Linearity  0.01% FS
 Zero range  0 - 5mv
 Signal range  0 - 15mv


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