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Product Name:3SM ( M-22E )

Product Code:M22e

Description :

Low Profile Weighing Indicator ( Product for 3sm Singapore )

Suitable for Bench Scale , Floor Scale , Platform Scale and Check weighing , Animal weighing.

Features :

1/30,000 display resolution weighing indicator

Large red LED (20mm) display

Battery Operation with auto-off to save battery

Auto Hold function for animal weighing application

Check Weighing function by sound ( warning )

Part counting with freely selectable sample size

Technical Specifications :

  Model  M-22E
 Capacity  Selectable
 Readability  Selectable
 resolution ( display counts )  Up to 1/30,000
 Number of loadcells  Up to 4 x 350ohm loadcells 




General Specifications 

 Excitation  5Vdc
 Sensitivity  0.15V/d
 Linearity  0.01% FS
 Zero range  0 ~ 5mv
 Signal range  0 ~ 15mv


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